Tyvek Wristband

Our Tyvek wristband is an ideal propaganda tool for visual identification and is extremely durable and affordable. Tyvek wristbands touches and looks like paper, most of people often mistaken as paper, thus some persons also called it paper wristband. However, Tyvek is a synthetic material made of flash spun high-density polyethylene fibers. Because of it’s strength and water resistance features, tyvek it is a perfect material for make wristbands. All Tyvek bracelets use waterproof inks, making them great for water parks or magnetic where the wearers will get wet. The adhesive is also assured not to fall off in water.

Each tyvek wristband has a security die cut to guard against tampering and recycle use. This means customers won’t be able to take off their wristband without cutting it off or ruining the adhesive when event over.  This can avoid  keeping uninvited guest for businesses and ticket evader for entries at some occasions if using tyvek wristbands as their condition of entry. Additionally, custom die cuts at the adhesion point make removal or transfer of the bands easily detectable and further enhance security.We suggest that custom tyvek wristbands are best for short day use around the 1-2 day range. Purchase cheap custom tyvek wristbands – Just at Lanyard.net!

  • Wristbands TypeTyvek wristbands as low as $0.66
  • Packing20000PCS/CTN; ctn size:45*28*28cm; 10KG/CTN
  • Delivery2-3 business days
  • Price IncludeCustom logo
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Tyvek Wristband

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