As the developing manufacturer & supplier of custom lanyards. Lanyard.net was founded in 2015. We have independent screen printing and sublimation production lines, guarantee competitive price, and make NO MOQ & 24 Hours For Rush Order possible. At the same time, we focus on providing best quality product for our client, so all products passed BSCI and REACH testing.

We have only one aim: Customer First, If customer not satisfied with goods, any issue order will be remake or 100% refund. We want customer feel perfect with our product, so we are care about customer suggestion. We will always carry the mission and initial heart of Weaving a Better World with our heart and look forward to joining of every new partner.

We can proudly say:

We are one of the fastest growing lanyard factories!


  • 2013.1 Origin

    We established a trading company on Jan, start doing lanyard business.

  • 2014.3 Factory Establishment

    Our own factory was set up in Fuzhou on March, including independent screen printing production line, sewing department and packing department.

  • 2015.4 Website Establishment

  • Lanyard.net was built on April,the first step in opening up the global market.

  • 2016.3 Sales  Department

    The sales team was formally established on March,working time  from 8:30-23:00 CST (Online Customer Service).

  • 2016.4 Design Department

    The  design team was formally established on April, which can design for customers free of charge.

  • 2017.8 Quality Control Upgrade

    Lanyard.net passed BSCI(DBID:377814) and REACH inspection test on August.

  • 2018.5 Launch NO MOQ & 24 Hours For Rush Order

    Reply on strong production strength,we officially launched the cooperation plan of NO MOQ & 24 Hours For Rush Order to help each of our partner occupy the local market.

  • 2018.9 Worry-free Service Guarantee

    Promise customers zero complaints, if any, 100% full compensation or redo with freight.

  • 2019.4 Develop Sublimation Production Line

    With good reputation and market request,Lanyard.net start to develop sublimation production line on April.

  • 2019.6 '5S' Workshop Management Establishment

    In order to create a clean and tidy factory, the workshop started 5S management.

  • Our Mission and Initial Heart: Customer First, Weaving a Better World with our heart.