Nylon Lanyard

Nylon lanyard are a perfect option for detail logos or images, they offer a smooth surface that allows for high quality silk-screening and the surface area have large proportion to print and give maximum print coverage. You can print your company’s logos and text on our lanyards surface. But we always recommend nylon for complex logo designs and lanyards that require a huge amount of detail. Hard wearing and long lasting, nylon lanyards are tough, durable and the nylon fabric doesn’t wrinkle like other materials. With a glossy finish that shines over standard polyester lanyards, print colors tend to be brighter which helps to make your logo or slogan stand out. Nylon lanyards are the most recognized type of lanyard around the world and are the excellent way to display name labels, badges and trademark. Our nylon lanyards are our highest-quality lanyards we produce, to ensure shine, quality construction and dependability. The nylon material holds up to the wear and tear and is a great choice when quality is your primary concern.

Our nylon lanyards are our highest-quality lanyards we produce. Nylon Lanyard is the perfect match for printing detail text and logos. It is imprinted nylon lanyards manufactured from durable soft nylon and feature which also allows your Nylon lanyard imprint to be more defined and show greater details. The smoother surface can show all of the details and quality. Our imprinted nylon lanyards are very similar to our imprinted polyester lanyards, but when compared with Nylon lanyards they are more thicker and shinier, hard wearing and long lasting, nylon lanyards are tough, durable and it can’t wrinkle and enough tough to support logos so that we can imprint it to the surface and use state-of-the-art screen printing any holder. The polished surface will help your design more attractive and make your design standing out, to ensure sparkle, quality construction and dependability. With a extremely smooth, and sheen producing material, the nylon printed lanyards are suitable for attracting attention. We select the best nylon material and silkscreen to imprint your logos and text right onto the lanyards before assembly. These lanyard types are perfect for complex designs and logos and are very popular at fairs to show and other large meetings.

We are BSCI Lanyard Factory in Fuzhou, China, thus there is NO MOQ in our factory and 24 Hours for your rush lanyard order is possible, which means you can purchase an small order and receive them within 3-4 days if you send order to us.

  • Lanyard TypeNylon Lanyard as low as $0.26
  • Packing10PCS/OPP; 500PCS/CTN; 9KG/CTN
  • Delivery7-8 business days
  • Price IncludeOne FREE attachment and one color print
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Nylon Lanyard

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