Recycled PET Lanyard

Nowadays, more and more environmentally friendly products were needed in order to support “zero waste”. Eco-friendly Lanyard is no exception.

RPET lanyard is made from recycled post-consumer PET bottles. It was processed through grinding, washing, melting, re-polymerizing, spinning, and texturing into yarn. The recycled plastics makes it perfect to reduce reliance on petrochemicals and prevents pollution. Rpet can be printed very flexibly, so we can print either single color with silk screen printing or any logo, graphic or writing with the use of sublimation method upon client’s request .

Because the high quality materials was used in the production process, RPET lanyards are a much more sustainable and durable solution than nylon lanyards. This means RPET lanyard can be used longer and does not require frequent purchases. Moreover, thanks to its combination with a printed logo, RPET lanyard has a striking gloss, which is a very attractive eco-friendly advertising product.

At all natural products, Rpet lanyards are on top of the eco-friendly trend. If your business uses lanyards internally or at events, using Recycled PET lanyards is a way to improve the environmental sustainability of your business and take care of the proper handling of plastic. With RPET lanyards, we can help you lower your event’s ecological footprint by a tenfold.

Now don’t miss the trend and starting here with your zero waste life!

  • Lanyard TypeRecycled PET Lanyard as low as $0.43
  • Packing10PCS/OPP; 500PCS/CTN; 9KG/CTN
  • Delivery7-10 business days
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Recycled PET Lanyard

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